Keep cool in the warmer months with 30% off this Kickstarter-funded pillow

The long, hot, seemingly endless summer nights are looming ahead. Even if you have air conditioning in your home, you're probably dreading getting comfortable in vain with your sweaty head squirming around your outdated, lumpy, and not-to-mention, dusty pillow.

With the CarbonIce, you might not have to torture yourself anymore. This 7-in-1 pillow is crafted with special "Activ-Air" technology that makes it breathable and keeps you cool throughout the night, and it even has some bacteria-resistant properties. It's currently on sale for $69.99 or 30% off. 

Not only can the CarbonIce pillow keep you cool, but you can also stay safe with protection against dirt, bacteria, and dust mites. A key part of the CarbonIce Pillow's protection against bacteria is carbon bamboo charcoal: which absorbs common household toxins, prevents the spread of mold, and purifies the air around you.

The CarbonIce also features a "dual-memo density" system that allows you to select how firm you want the pillow to be. Its ergonomic design maintains proper spine alignment and alleviates pain in your shoulders, neck, and head. The pillow keeps its shape after each use, just another way this pillow is tailor-made to the individual. You'll have the same structure for years, sweat far less than you used to, and breathe deeply throughout the night. 

Lastly, the CarbonIce was funded from the ground up on Kickstarter and Indiegogo and has an average five-star review on Brookstone.

Good sleep is the foundation for each day and your overall wellness in general. So do not only yourself but your family, friends, pets, and coworkers a favor, and make a small investment in a pillow that can enhance your health and rest ritual exponentially.

Most humans spend about 30% of their lives in bed. With the CarbonIce™: 7-in-1 Bacteria Protection & Cooling Pillow, you can give your rest the attention it so deserves. Grab it now for $69.99, or 30% off.

Prices subject to change.