Threats of strict adherence to Florida's "Don't Say Gay" law upsets conservatives

A fantastic template letter for Florida teachers to send to families of students regarding the implementation of "Don't Say Gay" is naturally freaking out a conservative group that backed the law. As usual, vague language and a refusal to define the law exactly to achieve its goals have been shown to make the law so broad as to also block the things "Moms for Liberty" think aren't gay.


Moms for Liberty's Twitter account posted what they are calling a letter template for rebellious teachers to send home in regard to the new legal guidelines they are now forced to deal with as a result of the general pig-headed phobias of people like Moms for Liberty. Writing "A teacher in Palm Beach County, FL shared this template with us. It is being shared among teachers to use for grades K-3. How do you feel about this? What will you do when this arrives home in your child's backpack? Time to take a Stand," the letter is a little slice of genius, and the responses to this conservative freakout have been [takes a meditative breath] beautiful.

The letter serves to point out how, in its vague language, the bill's authors have attempted to veil their bigotries and fears under the guise of parental rights. It does this by using the law's truly banal purposes against the very parents who are pretending that this law isn't very specifically about being homophobic and transphobic and queerphobic.