See how people react when a guy carries an ultra-realistic baby werewolf doll around the city for a day

Taji Ameen adopts a baby werewolf and carries it around NYC in this VICE video. Artist Asia Charity Eriksen has made hundreds of "WerePups" since 2010. The dolls are so well crafted that they look alive, and have gained a cult following.

After picking up the Were Pup from Eriksen's studio, Ameen puts it inside of a baby carrier and ventures out. He gets stares and questions from a mob of strangers everywhere he goes. Some think it's adorable, and others say WTF. A few people even come up to him and pet the WerePup.

From Youtube:

Since 2010, artist Asia Charity Eriksen has made more than 300 "WerePups," impressively lifelike baby werewolves that she paints, details, and covers with fur by hand. They've developed a cult following as she's sold them to owners—or as they call themselves, parents—who set them up with car seats, baby clothes, and more, treating the pups almost like their own kids. 

VICE's Taji Ameen paid Eriksen a visit to hear why she started making WerePups and see the "lab" where she puts them together, all before adopting one for himself. Then he brought it back to New York City, where he strapped the thing into a baby carrier and took it on a trip to Times Square.