Check out this new dancepunk song about climate change and decarbonization

Over the last few months, Andy from the synthwave group Atomic Ghost and I have been working on some remote remix collaborations. Basically: I send him a vocal track and a guitar track, and he does the rest. We're working on a full debut EP right now, but we decided to drop our first new song as the Neutron Bombs* as a #BandcampFriday exclusive:

"Keep It In The Ground" actually came about as a commission by Boston's Company One as part of an online performance event focusing on community-based New Year's Resolutions. In keeping with that theme (and the fairly blunt theme of the song itself), we're giving half the proceeds to Grid Alternatives, a nation-wide non-profit doing on-the-ground work to help communities transition to a renewable grid.

*It's a band name we came up in the summer of 2006 on a strict diet of cheap beer and hummus as we brainstormed our way through a sci-fi rock n' roll story concept that never actually came to fruition (possibly because of the aforementioned diet).