Kevin Smith buries the hatchet with Bruce Willis

After what transpired at the Oscars last Sunday night, I'm sure we've all had our fill of celebrity beef. So, while we're all waiting for the inevitable Oprah interview or Red Table Talk where Will Smith and Chris Rock will hash out their differences, you can take solace in Kevin Smith ending his decade-long feud with Bruce Willis. 

Earlier this week, Veteran actor Bruce Willis announced that he was stepping away from films after revealing that he is suffering from Aphasia. As you'd expect, Hollywood's outpouring of love following Willis's announcement has been heartwarming. The Razzie awards even altered their plans to name an award after Willis in light of the revelation. 

One of the most unexpected celebrities to offer their support after Willis' diagnosis was podcaster and filmmaker Kevin Smith. Smith and Willis became embroiled in a public feud following their 2010 film Cop Out. You can hear Smith's side of the story in the video below. 

Smith has now decided to let bygones be bygones by offering his support for Willis during the aftermath of his Aphasia diagnosis.

What's the moral of the story? If you have to be a famous Smith, be a Kevin and not a Will.