Six Linux courses that can take you from computer zero to hero quickly

We've come a long way with technology in the past forty years alone. You would think that in our digital age — when all of our lives are seemingly tied to computers, iPhones, and the cloud — we would understand more about these devices and how they work. But that isn't really the case. Most of us use these devices without giving the technology behind them a second thought.

In fact, beyond seeing it for monthly or annual updates, most people don't even know what an operating system is. But the Complete 2022 Linux Certification Training Bundle might even make the most novice computer user into a regular Bill Gates. The bundle comes with 12 courses, 254 lessons, and over 113 hours of educational and informative content and lectures. The bundle seems almost unlimited, ranging from an entire introductory competency course with Linux for Beginners to Security Techniques that aid with data encryption and firewall configuration.

All of the content is accessible 24/7 and ranges from beginner to advanced. It also provides the tools and insight required to become a Linux administrator. In addition, all of the courses are designed and offered by iCollege, one of the most trusted marketplaces in e-learning. Most importantly, users can prepare for crucial certification exams that prove they're Linux pros!

With a bundle this comprehensive and generous, it's no surprise that each course boasts an almost 5-star rating across the board. It's also no surprise that students absolutely love their experiences learning Linux from such a reputable source. One verified user noted the bang for their buck, saying, "Good deal for the money!! Haven't found any better deals than this one for Linux. Just taking these classes is worth the cost of the course." Another user was thrilled with how informative the bundle really was, "Excellent Linux preparation for many aspects and subjects!"

The Complete 2022 Linux Certification Training Bundle is available right now for just $69, or about $6 per course.

Prices subject to change.