Tony Rock responds to Will Smith smacking his brother Chris

Every pundit, journalist, blogger, late-night host, and sewing circle has offered their opinion about Will Smith smacking Chris Rock at the Oscars. There aren't new perspectives available to attack this story except for those involved in the incident. Aside from launching a mandatory- and flaccid- mea culpa via an Instagram post, Will Smith has been incredibly mum since last Sunday. Considering that his response could sink or revivify his career, I think Smith's silence is a great choice. In opposition, Chris Rock's silence is deafening. 

As a comedian, one would imagine that Chris Rock would have already conjured an all-time legendary bit about the slap. And I know I'm not alone in this thought process, as tickets for Rock's first comedy show after the Oscars went through the roof. Unfortunately, Rock was hesitant to comment on the issue barring a quick aside before his show. Even though I'm itching for a Rock to craft a 15-minute chunk of brilliance, I'm more concerned about him preserving his mental health. If he chooses to leave the slap entirely in the past without offering commentary, that's perfectly fine for me. 

Tony Rock is an entirely different matter. Tony Rock is probably an unknown entity for those who aren't dyed-in-the-wool stand-up fanatics. However, anyone that's been privileged enough to catch one of his shows knows that Tony Rock is as funny as his brother Chris. Whereas Chris focuses on broader societal issues, Tony – a veteran of the club scene- has a more relaxed and conversational style that zeroes in on the daily minutiae of life.

So until Chris Rock decides to break his silence on the issue, Tony's take will have to hold us over. You can watch Tony's scathing takedown of the Smiths in the video above.