Watch: Randy Rainbow zings Ron DeSantis in delightful "Gay!" ditty

In reaction to Ron DeSantis' "Don't Say Gay" anti-freedoms law, Randy Rainbow says to the Florida governor, "How would you feel if we signed a bill prohibiting everyone from talking about slimy self-interested douchebag politicians with no sex appeal who buy all their suits off the clearance rack of Burlington coat factory?"

He then launches into a most wonderfully gay and jolly number, a Once Upon a Mattress parody of "Shy," that, starting with the first stanza, gets right to the crux of Florida's anti-democracy problem :

Someone's being an asshole, that's no way to be
Ronnie D. Here's the tea
Gosh I'd hate to upset your Republican peers
So let me say this soft
So no one hears:
I've. Always. Been. GAY! … I'M GAY!!!

It only gets better from here, with an explosive, rainbow flag-waving, "kindly fuck yourself" crescendo that is the most joyful of any Rainbow parody yet.