Add some pizazz to your home bar with this Mason jar cocktail shaker set

After having spent more time at home than you ever did in your life over the last couple of years, you might've learned to perfect a fancy drink or two. But now that you can invite all your buddies over to show off your fancy mixology skills, even if that means pouring them a big glass of wine, perhaps it's time you gave your barware a slight upgrade. 

Along with sparkling tumblers and kitschy coasters, no bar is complete without a stellar shaker set, like this adorably trendy one modeled after the popular Mason jar. And the shaker comes with everything you need to make your favorite cocktails, from whisky sours to margaritas, allowing you to whip up any type of beverage you're in the mood for. And at just $17.99, this set is an easy, affordable way to up your barware game.

In addition to its stylish exterior, you'll appreciate the Mason jar shaker's handy accessories, including a strainer lid, a silicone lid, and a dual-ended spoon/fork swizzle stick. In fact, its silicone lid actually fits onto any regular Mason jar mouth, allowing you to take drinks with you on the go, whether they're cocktails or not. And as if that wasn't enough, the lid even doubles as a convenient shot glass.

Using the Mason jar cocktail shaker is easy — even if you're new to cocktail-crafting — thanks to its non-slip silicone sleeve and clear exterior that lets you see all the magic as it unfolds. And its super appealing teal color goes great with pretty much any barware, always standing out as a fun piece. It's even portable enough to take to friends' houses or on trips, as it travels easily and can easily transport beverages you've already made. 

The clever minds at Masonstops created the brilliant Mason jar shaker. It's a popular brand dedicated to expanding your Mason jar horizons, creating innovative accessories for Mason jars and other canning jar brands, like Ball, Bernardin, Kerr, and beyond. And right now, you can get the Mason Jar Cocktail Shaker Set for over half-off, making it just $17.99.

Prices subject to change.