Carmen Sandiego was one of the 90s weirdest franchises

Despite the chasm of decades that separates my childhood and the present, I still feel oddly attached to my youth. I was already desperately yearning for my pre-pubescent years when I was 15, and the feeling hasn't abated. As a result, I spend an inordinate amount of time reminiscing about weird cartoons from the 90s and early 00s. One of the strangest ones I can remember is the Carmen Sandiego franchise. 

I've never met a single human being that was a fan of Carmen Sandiego, but for some reason, the franchise kept getting multiple turns at bat when it came to multimedia adaptations. The show even received a modern reboot on Netflix a few years ago. After all these years, I'm less concerned about "where Carmen Sandiego is" and more concerned about "why does Carmen Sandiego keep coming back?" 

Defunctland's YouTube channel offers a retrospective of the Carmen Sandiego franchise in the video linked above.