Marjorie Taylor Greene on planning for the future: "What's the purpose of that?"

In Marjorie Taylor Greene's world, there's no need for budgets, savings accounts, piggy banks, or even, clearly, an education. Planning for the future, according to Georgia's top conspiracy theorist, has no purpose, as she stated this morning.

"A 41-page Covid-19 supplemental bill … for some reason, we're supposed to be spending more money that we don't have on future Covid and future Covid variants and future Covid vaccines, 'cause really, that makes a lot of sense," she mockingly said.

"Why is that an emergency? It's in the future," she continued, as if the future was some little town on Uranus. "This bill, at $10 billion dollars, of which up to $9 billion is for [insert Empty G. air quotes] 'biomedical advanced research and development authority.'" [end of air quotes]"

And then the evidence that Greene has no idea what the job description of "congressperson" entails: "What is the purpose of that? It's in the future."