Russian Embassy in Ireland running out of heat because no one will sell them fuel

First there were the Wild Atlantic Fishermen who stood up to the Russian Navy. Then there was the guy who crashed a truck of a communion wafers into the gates of the Russian Embassy in Dublin, after Russian Ambassador Yuriy Filatov gave a famously embarrassing interview on RTÉ.

Now, it appears that the Russian Embassy in Dublin is running out of fuel for heat and hot water, because no one wants to do business with the spineless ambassador from Europe's primary exporter of oil and violence.

From The Irish Mirror:

In a letter seen by the Irish Mirror, the Russians – ironically one of the world's biggest oil exporters before the Ukraine invasion – have requested Foreign Affairs "intervenes into this clearly discriminatory case".


The letter sent by the Russian embassy to Minister Coveney's Department on March 22 reads: "The current provider of fuel to the Embassy has refused to deliver diesel to our mission.

"The Embassy checked other providers in [the] Dublin area for the availability of diesel supplies, but they have all refused to cooperate. The Embassy is left with a very limited supply that will last till the end of the week only.

The Bank of Ireland has also reportedly suspended the Russian Embassy's accounts, according to the Mirror.

Late last week, the Irish government also expelled 4 Russian diplomats from the country for activities that were "not in accordance with diplomatic behaviour" — which is largely believed to involving espionage.

Russian Embassy urges Irish government to intervene as it faces fuel shortage with companies refusing to deliver supplies [Ciara Phelan / The Irish Mirror]

Image: Public Domain via PxHere