Someone returned two of Darwin's original notebooks to the Cambridge library

Someone returned two of Charles Darwin's original notebooks to the Cambridge University library twenty years after they went missing. They were left in the library inside a pink gift bag with a note saying "Librarian Happy Easter X." From the Associated Press:

The notebooks, which include the 19th-century scientist's famous 1837 "Tree of Life" sketch, went missing in 2001 after being removed for photographing, though at the time staff believed they might have been misplaced. After searches of the library's collection of 10 million books, maps and manuscripts failed to find them, they were reported stolen to police in October 2020.

Local detectives notified the global police organization Interpol and launched an international hunt for the notebooks, valued at millions of pounds (dollars)[…]

The university's director of library services Jessica Gardner said her feeling of relief at the books' reappearance was "profound and almost impossible to adequately express."

Police state they are "following up some lines of inquiry." Gotta get those overdue book fines!