Classic strategy game Dune II ported to Pico-8

1992's Dune II defined the emerging realtime strategy genre, serving as a technical warmup for developer Westwood's major classics Command & Conquer and Red Alert. It's been painstaking converted to the deliberately-limited Pico-8 fantasy console by Paul Nicholas, who detailes the incredible technical feat in a blog post.

UnDUNE II is a demake of the classic (and original) RTS game DUNE II, re-created from scratch in PICO-8.

A strategy-based resource management simulation, where three houses fight for control of the planet Dune – the land of sand and home of the spice.

This project started as a fun idea, that I expected to get done within a month or two. Well… almost 3 years later (working on & off, in my free time) – I'm happy to say that it is finally finished! 😅

Here are the playable downloads for Windows, Mac and Linux.