Middle school principal tells girls not to report sexual assault if they show their shoulders or wear certain kinds of clothes

Students at a school board meeting said De Morrow-Perry, the principal of Huntington East Middle School in West Virginia, held an assembly for the girls and told them the school would "do nothing" if a student was sexually assaulted while wearing certain clothing items or for showing a shoulder.

From The Herald-Dispatch:

"They called us to the cafeteria to talk about the dress code, and once we got in there, they told us not to wear pajamas, crop tops, or ripped jeans or show our shoulders," Hughes said, later referring to Perry as "they." "After that, they told us that they do not want boys to be distracted by our clothes, and they said that if we get touched inappropriately while we are wearing these clothes to not tell the school because they won't do anything."

Following an executive session, the board approved a motion to suspend Perry for three days without pay, but Superintendent Ryan Saxe said the suspension was unrelated to the allegations made during the meeting. Saxe said there will be an investigation into the allegations made Tuesday, but he would not comment on the cause of the suspension.