"Pro-God, Pro-Life, Pro-Gun" candidate arrested for second time, charged with third-degree assault and suspicion of DUI

Leanette Lopez, a Christian recording artist and minister running as a Republican for the Kentucky House of Representatives, was arrested this weekend for suspicion of drunken driving and bending a deputy's finger with such force that the deputy temporarily lost function of her finger.

The Bowling Green Daily News notes that this was Lopez's "second alcohol-related arrest in just more than a month."

According to the arrest citation, a caller saw Lopez's Buick SUV stopped in the road. When police responded, they found Lopez in the driver's seat. She had a bottle of vodka in her lap. She refused to get out of the car, and had to be pulled out by two deputies. According to the citation, she refused to take a field sobriety test and had to be handcuffed.

From The Bowling Green Daily News:

"Lopez was placed into handcuffs by force and escorted to my cruiser," the citation said. "Lopez refused willingly to get in my cruiser and we had to physically lift her and place her in the cruiser."

At the Warren County Regional Jail, Lopez refused to get out of the cruiser, and several jail deputies had to help to physically escort her to the sally port.

"I asked if she wished to contact or communicate with an attorney and her response was 'blah blah blah,' " the citation said.

Lopez refused to give a breath sample at the jail and also refused to comply with instructions given by jail staff, leading her to be placed in a restraint chair, according to her citation.

"While jail deputies were placing Lopez into the restraint chair, she grabbed the finger of one of the jail deputies and bent it, causing pain and loss of function of her finger temporarily," the citation said.

Lopez should set her sights on Washington. With a few more arrests under her belt, she could be Kentucky's version of Lauren Boebert!