This Trumper claims antifa was behind J6, but can't explain why antifa would want to help Trump overthrow the government

The Good Liars interviewed a man in woman, resplendent in Trump attire, about their thoughts on the January 6 riots.

The man says "a lot of that was antifa."

"Why would antifa interrupt the certification of an election in which their candidate won?" asks the interviewer. "Wouldn't they want him to be certified?"

You can almost smell the sharp tang of the gentleman's brain circuits overheating as he contemplates the question.

"Uh, they just want to disrupt in any way possible," he says.

The interviewer presses him.

"Do you think antifa wanted him to be president, I guess is what I'm asking?"

The gentleman having said his piece on the matter, lets the woman answer.

"Yes," she says.

"So why would they interrupt the vote of the certification on January 6th?"

"I have a different view of this," says the woman. But she doesn't explain what her different view is.

Maybe they were just normal tourists, as Weird Andrew Clyde likes to say. Now, that would be really scary.