Have your meat and eat it too with 10% off this wireless meat thermometer set

Got meat? Yeah, we've all been ready for the moment we can throw that rack of ribs on the BBQ and head to the backyard to take a dip. And since this winter has felt frustratingly long, virtually nothing can stop you from enjoying warm weather activities… except dried-out meat when you're just trying to enjoy a nice summer meal. Alleviate that with this MeatStick MiniX Set.

Things are getting juicy in your kitchen (and we're not just talking about the office gossip you've been dying to share with your spouse all day). So here's what you're after with the MeatStick MiniX Set. At just 5.5mm thick and 9.5cm long, the MeatStick Mini is a great little helper to get your beef, chicken, pork, fish, or veggies the perfect temp for deliciousness.

Completely wireless and app-controlled, there's no detangling, no constant checking, no praying to the sweet, sweet meat gods that your meal won't dry out. Just you, your super accurate meat thermometer, and a big future helping of the meat sweats (though we don't encourage the consumption of enough that it bursts through your pores).

Also included here is the MiniX charger, which gives your stick the extra boost when it needs it the most. Not only is it the charging port for all things yummy, but it also includes a Built-in Xtender, which extends the Bluetooth range of your stick to 100 feet indoors and 260 feet outdoors, meaning that you can keep your spot in line on the corn hole list and not have to scout over your food at the same time.

Not sure if you should move forward with your new favorite grillin' and chillin' tool? Check out how 2,627 Indiegogo backers and 2,097 Kickstarter backers raised $310,041 and $240,000, respectively, to get this set off the ground.

Get the MeatStick MiniX Set for $89.99 (Reg. $99).

Prices subject to change.