The fall of College Humor

It's always a lark to traipse through the ruins of an ancient civilization. Gazing at the moss-covered structures that used to be integral in the lives of previous people instantly provides one with a sense of humility. Outside of Roland Emmerich, most people don't think about our current landmarks and architecture becoming hollowed-out and dilapidated relics on a daily basis. Conversely, it's almost impossible to think of anything else when you're standing next to the Mayan ruins.

The same can't be said about relics of the internet. When those become antiquated, they're fully ignored by the succeeding generations of webheads. I still may love the Picard song, and All your base are belong to us, but I realize that I'm becoming part of a growing minority. Chocolate Rain just doesn't hit the same for the new kids. And that goes double for ancient websites. I'm old enough to remember when College Humor was one of the leading comedy sites on the net. Now, it's an icon in decay that only exists to humble the younger generation of meme connoisseurs that are too infatuated with the present to care about the ancient internet. 

In the video linked above, Sunny V2's YouTube channel charts the decline of CollegeHumor. (previously at Boing Boing)