Protect yourself from roadside disasters with this handy warning device

Driving can be intimidating once you know just how dangerous it can be. And while the act of driving itself could be hazardous, you may still be in danger even if you pull off to the side of the road. This makes the prospect of a roadside emergency all the scarier, but it doesn't have to be!

Fortunately, this S-Light Emergency Warning Device can be a guardian angel for you when you need it most. The powerful bright red light can be seen from over 660 feet away to let approaching traffic know it should slow down and be cautious. It can also flash Help, SOS, and a Triangle symbol to help you in different types of emergencies. Just as important, this device is IP6 waterproof just in case your emergency occurs during a rainstorm, and the magnetic base allows you to easily attach it to your car at eye level for oncoming drivers. 

The S-light offers necessary added protection for everyday situations like low-visibility conditions, engine failure, or running out of gas. Protection from these common issues, coupled with the benefits mentioned above, makes it no surprise that S-Light Emergency Warning Device won the K-Safety Innovation Award and was an AAPEX New Product Showcase Winner in the Safety Category.

With increased general traffic annually (Americans are spending an average of 290 hours in their cars every year), the odds of something going wrong with our vehicles increases dramatically. And while we are all hoping for a future with fewer accidents courtesy of technology, it's essential to protect yourself however you can right now. S-Light Emergency Warning Device is a great and affordable option to protect yourself and those you love.

The S-Light Emergency Warning Device is available right now for just $99.

Prices subject to change.