The war of the ventriloquists

For whatever reason, feuding celebrities act as a perpetual energy source for the Hollywood ecosystem. They may want us to believe that Hollywood is all about artistry, but people only crave the feuds.

Obviously, I'm only kidding. Celebrity feuds are ridiculous and childish. Regardless of the field, there's always going to be some level of bad blood between co-workers, but entertainment beefs are easily the dumbest. Scratch that; rap feuds are easily the dumbest. The concept of two grown men- who frequently boast about their toughness- writing angry poems to their rivals is the pinnacle of absurdity. At least until one or both of the parties end up dead.

In the video linked above, Mr.Show gives their commentary on the inherent silliness of rap feuds. Considering that the clip came out around the era of the infamous East Coast vs. West Coast rivalry in rap, it's crazy how timeless the sketch has remained.