This anti-drug PSA features a nightmarishly overwhelming version of Pac-Man

In this anti-drug PSA, a nightmarishly overwhelming version of Pacman is used as a metaphor for what happens when one takes drugs. Basically, every time Pacman eats more of the little pills, more ghosts appear on the screen until the game becomes unmanageable. "Game Over" appears on the screen when Pacman finally dies in the flood of ghosts.

The only effect that this PSA had on me was that it made me want to go and play the real version of Pacman. 

From Youtube:

A 1999 anti-drug PIF from Sweden, which shows us some fucked-up version of Pacman: the pills he's eating just increase the amount of ghosts. I guess what it's saying is that drugs will get you in trouble, but I'm sure there would've been a better way to deliver the message.