Watch the beauty of Reddit's r/place

One of the best aspects of the internet is finding a dedicated community built around one of your passions. Before the web, you'd struggle to find other people into that weird niche thing you love so much- you know the one I mean. Now, with a quick Google search, you can live in your niche and shun the rest of society. For my tastes, no website captures this concept better than Reddit.

A few days ago, Reddit re-introduced the concept of r/place. The idea behind r/place is simple, but the potential the project carries is anything but. Reddit left a blank canvas option on their dashboard and allowed each user a single pixel. Through community coordination and unbridled creativity, some of Reddit's most passionate fandoms and subcultures started to emblazon their logos and art on the canvas. Since space was limited on the canvas, communities had to battle others to control the area they chose to draw on. The end result was a beautiful tapestry of pixel art that captured the beauty of having a community online.