Check out this trailer for Pompo the Cinephile

Despite how much I love the 3d animated offerings from Pixar, Dreamworks, and Warner Brothers Animation, I'll never be able to drop the torch I carry for traditional 2d animation. It's a shame that most studios in America have decided to treat hand-drawn 2d animation as a relic of a bygone era. If anything, most studios view hand-drawn art as primarily a vehicle for character design- and that's it. 

To slake my cravings for stellar 2d animation, I've become a fan of the distribution house known as Gkids. Last year, Gkids became the talk of the town with the visually arresting film Belle accumulating heaps of critical attention and box office success. If the trailer linked above is any indication, Gkids might have another hit on their hands with the charming and eccentric Pompo the Cinephile. The clean and mesmerizing animation displayed in the trailer has practically guaranteed my opening day attendance.