A cop pulls over a car, only to find it empty. The driverless taxi then takes off before the cop is finished (video)

A cop pulled a car over in San Francisco, but the fun was spoiled when he walked up to the car window and saw that nobody was inside. He even tried opening the locked door, but still, no driver appeared. And to put a damper on an already dampened situation, as soon as he stepped away, the driverless car made sport of the officer and took off, crossing an intersection before pulling over again. Much to the loud merriment of laughing bystanders in the background.

When the cop finally caught up to the GM Cruise, he decided he needed backup and approached the vehicle with his partner, and eventually a third cop. But in the end, the GM Cruise driverless taxi — which has been giving free rides to customers in the city — still proved to be empty, leaving the befuddled cops to take their tickets elsewhere.

Watch the entertaining scene here:

Via Electrek