Scream's scream actor reveals what it's like to be called in to shriek

Hollywood actor Ashley Peldon is usually not seen but heard. A "scream actor," her shriek is heard in the new Scream, Free Guy, Paranormal Activity, Jurassic World, and other films. From The Guardian:

We are like stunt people, doing the hard stuff that could be damaging to an actor's voice or is out of their range[…]

There are many different screams: of fear, anger, rage. Screams of joy and success, and that raw, embodied scream of female empowerment. There's the wailing of grief and pain, and screams of effort and fighting.

The most difficult screams for me are those portraying grief, when you're watching someone having to express such pain or trauma. I'm an empathic person – and also hold a PhD in psychology – so I find getting connected with emotion easy, but it also carries a weight with it.

image: IMDB