Someone in Ukraine really liked 'Red Dawn'

Classic 'so bad it's good' movie Red Dawn seems to have some fans in Ukraine. This BMP-2 got some fantastic graffiti.

Task and Purpose:

The photo was shared to Twitter on Thursday in response to a tweet by NPR's White House correspondent, Scott Detrow, who wrote that "We were driving too fast to get a clear picture – but we just drove past a destroyed Russian tank with WOLVERINES spraypainted across it." Fortunately, Oleg Tolmachev, the head of production for Ukrainian oil and gas company Naftogaz, had seen the exact same thing and snapped a photo of it.

The vehicle appears to be a Russian BMP-2, an infantry fighting vehicle that fulfills a similar role to the U.S. Army's Bradley Fighting Vehicles. The BMP-2's awkward forward tilt suggests that it suffered damage prior to its eventual abandonment and newfound transformation into a monument to 1980s pop culture in an active warzone.