A stowaway red-bellied black snake slithers across couple's feet as they're driving

A couple driving on a highway in Australia came upon an unwanted stowaway in their car when a 3.5-foot red-bellied black snake slithered across their feet. The venomous snakes, common in Australia, are non-aggressive but when they attack, can cause "significant illness."

The panicked driver was able to pull over to the side of the road without crashing, and soon enough a snake catcher arrived on the scene to rescue the snake, which wasn't easy. "It was a tough one to catch as well as I didn't want to have my back facing the highway and had to grab the snake and lift it over the front seats without getting bitten!" he said on the Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers Facebook page. "There were a couple of close calls but hey got the job done!"

Here's the snake catcher in action: