This UFO-shaped pipe is out of this world — plus it's almost 20% off

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If you've been smoking for a while now, it might've been a long time since a pipe has really made an impression on you. But suppose you could use a newer, more exciting model. In that case, you can count the Süka Pipe as one of today's most innovative gadgets, designed exclusively for smokers on the go, making this everyday habit more enjoyable with each puff.

At first glance, you may not even realize this pipe is a pipe at all. Super discreet with just a slight hint of fun, the Süka Pipe boasts a flat, round shape, almost like a UFO, making it easy to hold in your hands and flat enough to stick in your pocket, purse, or wherever else. And at the discounted price of just $56.99, this thing definitely gives you bang for your buck. 

While this pipe is nice on the eyes, its real magic lies in its unique, quick-loading bowls. The pipe can carry up to 4 grams or more of your chosen herb, ideal for quick loading throughout the day. You can also load your herb directly into the quartz glass bowl if you're chilling at home — whatever works for you! Simply turn the center trackball inward and flip the pipe, so the herb falls right where it's supposed to be. Then flip the pipe one more time to fall right into the bowl. 

Designed to hit like a spoon, the Süka Pipe gets smoother and smoother the more you use it, making your smoking experience enjoyable every time. And unlike some other pipes out there, this gadget is made of top-quality anodized aluminum, platinum cured silicone, and heatproof quartz glass, making it incredibly safe to use regularly and built to last for years. 

Made by the brilliant minds behind the popular Twisty, 7pipe continues to lead the way with its innovative designs, and the Süka Pipe is no exception. 7pipe even designed it to be loss-proof, enabling you to use a nickel or any other similarly sized coin if you misplace your cap. 

Normally $70, you can get the Süka Pipe for just $56.99 or 18% off.

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