Footage shows Grand Rapids cop executing man with shot to back of head

After a week of refusing to do so, Grand Rapids police today released footage of one of its officers kneeling on the back of 26-year-old Patrick Lyoya, who is resisting arrest after a traffic stop, then executing him with a single shot to the back of his head. The officer's own bodycam "deactivates" immediately before he fires his gun, but the killing was recorded from other angles.

The footage is disturbing and exactly as described, showing Lyola being killed by the officer. Lyola never attacks the officer or retaliates; he resists arrest and, at one point, grasps the muzzle of the officer's taser as it is used on him. The officer will "not be identified publicly unless there are criminal charges."

The department released video from a police body camera, a police unit's dashcam, cell phone and a home surveillance system as officials answered reporters' questions at a news conference about the deadly April 4 incident.Police said before the news conference that neither the videos nor audio were edited. Some video images were redacted or blurred to ensure privacy.Police Chief Eric Winstrom said the officer will not be identified publicly unless there are criminal charges. The officer is on paid leave