Enjoy this collection of Tokusatsu insanity

Superhero movies are an institution at this point. It's almost hard to remember the period of time when the general consensus was that superhero movies were invariably fated to suck forever. Back in the early 90s, we comic reading zealots thought that audiences wouldn't be able to stomach the cheese inherent in the superhero conceit long enough to delve into the genre's deeper themes. Now, the worm has completely turned, and it makes me hopeful for other offbeat subgenres of science fiction. 

Tokusatsu shows, the genre that gave birth to Power Rangers and Godzilla, haven't truly crossed over into the mainstream here in the States. Well, that's not true. They have crossed over, but their essence always gets excised to placate an audience that can't handle the glorious cheese that comes pre-packaged with the genre. 

The video above features some of the wildest and most hilarious moments from various tokusatsu shows that can't seem to find their way into American adaptations of the genre.