The episode that elevated the Simpsons

Modern Simpsons can be a tad depressing if you remember the glory days of Simpson mania. The series has no idea what it's supposed to be anymore, and the characters are flatter than Nebraska. However, that's not what I'm here to talk about. I'm interested in the episode that made The Simpsons the cultural force they once were. Everyone knows about the best episodes of the series, but which episode provided the sea change that elevated the show from a quirky primetime animated sitcom into a legendary franchise? To borrow a meme from The Simpsons, can you pinpoint the second when the series became a phenomenon? 

In the video embedded above, the YouTube channel Entertain the Elk departs from its usual series format of charting a series's decline to a more positive variant by investigating the episode that made The Simpsons. In my opinion, the video is mandatory for any Simpson addict