This awesome mystery box is a great surprise for an unsuspecting tech lover

Sometimes, surprises can be a terrible, no good, awful thing. And it seems like, no matter how much you say you hate surprises, they still come your way either during birthdays, holidays, or when your car's check engine light comes on (the worst shock of them all, if we're being sincere).

And while you're done with the dramatics, we think it's time you had something to look forward to in the form of a mysterious yet exciting surprise. This Tech Mystery Box is the perfect way to gift yourself or a loved one something they may not have snagged for themselves at a super unbeatable price. 

Okay, here's what we mean when talking about this box being a total mystery. Every package includes three items that are picked from a carefully curated collection at random. Your parcel will contain a plethora of different tech and tech-themed gadgets you may have never thought to buy yourself. Everything from earbuds to chargers could be up for grabs, and what you discover is the luck of the draw. (Though you probably shouldn't worry about anything unwelcome. We keep things positive around here.)

The best part? No matter what is in that box, you're getting it at a discounted price. That means high-end apps, widgets, tinker toys, and new favorite finds could be in your possession at a price that simply cannot be beat. It's like finding a diamond in the rough and taking it free of charge. It's still worth a boatload of money, but you definitely didn't pay that much for it. If you're tired of your current tech artillery, this is might be the ideal buy to shake things up.

Get the Tech Mystery Box With Three Items for $59.99 (Reg. $70).

Prices subject to change.