A Kentucky jailer up for reelection was secretly recorded using the N-word in racist, sexist phone call

A Louisville, Kentucky jailer, who is up for reelection in a few months, repeatedly used the N–word and other demeaning language in a secretly recorded 64-minute phone conversation. He was speaking to two men, including former Bullitt County Sheriff Dave Greenwell, who he had fired in 2020. He made the call hoping to drum up support for his reelection, but instead was publicly outed as a "toxic" racist.

From Yahoo!:

Over the hour, he used the word n**ger six times. …

Watkins said he was intimately connected to one, as one of his relatives is married to a "n**ger." He explains, "I'm saying this, like, to you all. I don't say this in public. "See, my granddaughter's married to a f**king n**ger and he is a n**ger. There's a thing — there's a difference between a Black guy and a n**ger, and this bastard…"

The jailer, who assumed the position in 2019, talked about his opinions on interracial relationships like the one his granddaughter is in, saying, "I mean, I know I'm old school, but I ain't never seen the like of all this s**t. Have you all? And then you watch TV, and you see f**cking n**gers and a f**cking white woman, all kinds of s**t."

Former workers have accused the senior citizen of racism and created an atmosphere for a toxic and hostile work environment. …

[Former co-worker Grace] Smith and former co-worker Carl Reesor filed a joint lawsuit claiming Watkins racist and sexist language to oppress his employees while on the job.

On the March recording, Watkins references this lawsuit and the two by name. He is heard calling "that f**king Black b**ch" and "f**king n**ger b**tch." …

One claim Reesor made last year was about his former boss' disdain for Asian people.

"He talked about how he hated Chinese people. It was to the point we thought he was kidding, and we're all kind of looking at each other," he remembered. "Then we find out he's serious."

The recording will be used as evidence by Smith and Reesor in the lawsuit.

Of course, after being exposed, the racist jailer suddenly grew a conscience. "He sincerely regrets descriptions and comments used," said his insincere attorney, blaming Watkins' comments on "a period of personal stress."

The story was first reported on WDRB: