Apple Podcasts hosts many QAnon shows, going against its own content rules

Apple Podcasts allows many shows promoting QAnon conspiracy-theory-inspired violence on its platform, going against its own content rules, says media watchdog group

Apple Podcast's content guidelines ban content "that may lead to harmful or dangerous outcomes" and "is likely to humiliate, intimidate, harass, or harm individuals or groups or includes specific threats of violence against certain groups or individuals." And yet, Apple Podcasts not only hosts at least 14 Q-infused podcasts — many that have been banned from YouTube for its promotion of violence — "but appears to be algorithmically recommending them to users," according to the Media Matters.

From Media Matters:

Despite the platform's rules, QAnon's ties to violence, and government warnings about its supporters, a Media Matters review has found multiple QAnon-supporting shows and figures on the platform. Media Matters reported that several of these shows were on the platform back in 2020 — X22 ReportRedPill78The Tore Says Show, and Woke Societies — yet they have remained. Some have also appeared to make positive remarks related to the January 6 Capitol insurrection. ​​The shows and figures found in the review are:

MatrixxxGrooove Show (or MG Show), a QAnon show which has been banned from YouTube that is co-hosted by QAnon influencer Jeffrey Pedersen, known online as "intheMatrixxx."

RedPill78, a QAnon show that has been banned from YouTube and whose host, Zak Paine, has admitted to participating in the Capitol insurrection. 

Praying Medic, a QAnon show hosted by Dave Hayes, a QAnon influencer known online as "Praying Medic" who has been banned from YouTube and who has called for a military coup against President Joe Biden.

X22 Report, a QAnon show banned from YouTube that reportedly in part influenced a man who purposely derailed a train to try to crash it into a U.S. Navy hospital ship treating coronavirus patients.

The Tore Says Show, a QAnon show hosted by Terpsichore Maras-Lindeman, a QAnon influencer known online as "Tore" who has targeted elected officials for harassment.

BardsFM, a QAnon show hosted by Scott Kesterson, who has called those who were arrested for allegedly participating in the Capitol insurrection "patriots" and who has reportedly coordinated with a QAnon militia group.

SGT Report, a QAnon show banned from YouTube that spurred an effort to harass school boards.

See Media Matter's full list of QAnon-supporting shows here.