Boston airport terminal evacuated yesterday following discovery of possible bomb which… wasn't that

The already chaotic scene yesterday at Boston Logan International Airport blew up even more after TSA spotted a suspicious electronic item in a piece of checked luggage. The entire terminal was evacuated and the bomb squad called in. Turns out, it was an old Sony PlayStation console. From Yahoo! News:

One passenger described the chaos, telling NBC Boston that there was panic, with people running and leaving their belongings behind. He said he also saw one man fall down during the confusion.

"Right out of nowhere, I see the whole crowd, people yelling and screaming like it was out of a movie," Nico Pisello said. "No one knows what's going on."

….They said the console was in a degraded condition caused by either age or damage. They said its condition had caused abnormalities in imaging when it was X-rayed, sparking concerns.

image: Crop of photo from iFixit for illustration purposes only. The exact PlayStation model in the story above has not been identified.