The legend of the failed Bill & Ted sitcom

Living through the sitcom saturated 90s was a trip. There wasn't a major American city, vocation, or stand-up comic that didn't have a sitcom premise to their name back in those days. People like to take aim at the current era of reality tv dominance, but the reign of sitcoms wasn't any better. I mean, is Major Dad any more intelligent than 90 Day Fiance? Can anyone seriously say that California Dreams has more entertainment value than Love Island

Even though shows like USA High weren't the apex of creative thought, they were leagues above sitcoms that existed solely as promotional vehicles. Occasionally Hollywood would craft an entire show around an IP that didn't need or deserve one. Case in point: the Bill and Ted sitcom. In the video embedded above, the YouTube channel Hats Off Entertainment explains why Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventures fell flat on its face. Hey, at least the first season of the Bill & Ted cartoon featured the actual actors as voices. I guess that counts for something.