Why do cellphones keep adding new Gs?

Smartphones are my least favorite part of modern society. I hated cellphones the minute they practically became mandatory in the 2000s, and I've only become more disgusted by them every year. There are too many reasons to list, but for the purposes of this article, let's consolidate it to one: it's a pain to stay up to date with smartphones.

Back in the analog days, a phone could last you a decade. Now, whenever a new piece of technology comes out, you have to upgrade or download an array of new apps. Even if you consciously resist getting a new phone for the added bells and whistles, companies design your phone to crumble internally, prompting you to buy a replacement.  

One of the main lures that AT&T has continually used to dupe me into an unnecessary upgrade is the addition of new "g's." Every few years, I have to be ready for the next wave of "g's" like I'm a warden in San Quentin. It's pretty annoying. And that's mostly because I don't understand what "g's" even mean, and that's why I found the SciShow video linked above an incredible resource.