"Visions" by indie duo Surfing is the perfect comfort song

Whenever I grow close to someone, I love finding out what form of comfort media they enjoy. Everyone has a favorite show or movie that doubles as the entertainment equivalent of a warm blanket and a cup of chamomile tea. In my mind, finding out what comfort media a person cherishes is an intimate examination of who they are and what they value. I look at it as a Rorschach test for the soul.

I've got too many comfort songs to name when it comes to music. And thanks to the internet and music streaming services, that list keeps growing to unwieldy proportions. One of the newest additions to my comfort music playlist is the track embedded above. Surfing's tack visions has an impressive ability to whisk me away from drama and strife to an auditory paradise where my troubles delicately melt like ice cream on a waffle cone. I hope it provides you with the same sensation.