How Rick and Morty's cool became cringe

There can be only one. Since The Simpsons created the modern adult animation boom (we didn't forget about you, Fred Flintstone), there's always been a show that captures its zeitgeist. I'm not talking about personal preference here; I'm talking about the show that was undeniably the most popular entry in the adult animation genre. 

The Simpsons served as the sovereign for a while. South Park claimed the throne in the late 90s. Family Guy reigned supreme in the mid-00s. Nowadays, Bob's Burgers has become a front-runner in adult animation, but Rick and Morty seemed primed to lead adult animation into a new golden age.  In the video embedded above, the YouTube channel Toon Fridge talks about how Rick and Morty instead became the recognized face of cringe culture on the internet.