Wisconsin house-flipping Mom shares the 'Welcome to Poundtown' sign's origin story

If you are like many, many people on the internet you have already seen the listing for a house that is over-adorned with cute sayings signs, including one that says "Welcome to Poundtown" over a bed. The origin story of that sign is shared in Mel Magazine by the artist, and house-flipper, Lauren Hegenbarth, because of course it is.

Hegenbarth knew she had a winner from the get-go, "Raunchy and hilarious" were her goals and it seems folks agree.

Mel Magazine:

"People are saying that I went overboard with the signs, and that I need to lay off Michael's even though I never go to Michael's," she tells me. "If I go to a store it's Hobby Lobby or TJ MAXX, but I mainly make my own signs!" 

To be sure, of all the signs in the house, there's only one sign that "outsigns them all," as ZillowGoneWild put it: the "Welcome to POUNDTOWN" sign floating above the headboard of her and her husband's bed in the primary bedroom.

"My husband went on a 90-day work deployment back in November to New Orleans, where he helped repair homes for those whose lives were destroyed by the most recent hurricane," Hegenbarth begins. It was at that time that an idea began to percolate for a new sign in the bedroom. "I saw the OG Poundtown sign in a group on Facebook, and was like, 'Yeah I love that. I need to make that,'" she continues. 

For sake of radical clarification, "pound town" is a euphemism for sexual intercourse, and the sign welcomes visitors to the place where that happens. "I wanted to make it look like just another cheesy decor sign, and then once you read it, BAM! Raunchy and hilarious."