Bill O'Reilly blames Biden, the airline, and anyone but himself for abusing a JetBlue employee

Surprising zero people, "Falafel Thing" enthusiast Bill O'Reilly blamed his terrible tirade on everyone but sexual harasser Bill O'Reilly.

Vanity Fair:

On Tuesday, O'Reilly tweeted, "the character assassins on social media [are] completely lying about my interaction with a JetBlue guy who misled passengers during a five-hour delay…. I expected this." Speaking to Mediaite, O'Reilly acknowledged that he handled the situation "poorly" and could have used different words but refused to apologize to the man he verbally abused. He claimed that numerous people, upon recognizing him, asked him about the holdup to their flight. He also insisted that the heat on him is a distraction from the real story, which is the subpar job airlines like JetBlue are doing. "The story is JetBlue can't get their flights off the ground. It was crazy in the terminal," O'Reilly said. (According to Mediaite, O'Reilly has been covering the alleged "mistreatment" of passengers, not airline workers, over the last several months.) Then, O'Reilly somehow managed to blame his behavior on the Biden administration.

"For some reason, the Biden administration is not big on solving problems. This is a huge problem," he told Mediaite, saying he's invited spokespeople from JetBlue to come on his podcast but has not heard back. (JetBlue did not immediately respond to Vanity Fair's email for comment.)