Get 50% off a stylish vape that does some good for the world

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Environmental impact is on almost everyone's minds these days, especially when it comes to what we buy. Plus, learning a purchase might have a positive effect is an undeniable benefit when deciding what to put our money toward.

That's why Hippie Bee Vaporizer is such a delight, and it's on sale now for just $19.99, just in time for 4/20! Hippie donates a portion of the proceeds to the New York Bee Sanctuary for every unit sold. The organization creates sanctuaries for bees (as you may be aware, bee populations face severe risks these days). In addition, it works to educate people about the wonders of bees and why their extinction would be truly harmful to the Earth. It's a mission we can get behind and certainly brings a sense of goodwill when we buy a vaporizer from Hippie.

Of course, good intentions alone don't make a product worthwhile. But a Hippie Bee Vaporizer has plenty of other qualities to recommend it. This all-in-one pod has a simple, efficient design, so you can easily use it on the go. Designed to fit your palm easily, it has an integrated rechargeable battery and a magnetic 2mL refillable pod that stays connected to the device but is simple to remove. Plus, the unique U-shaped airflow design prevents leaks (and if you've ever had a vape leak, you know you very much want to avoid that).

VapeFuse raved that Hippie's vaporizers are "stylish and cost-friendly, meaning that you don't have to spend an arm and a leg to pick up a hobby that you may not even stick with," emphasizing that "in terms of output, The Hippie Bee is by far the most effective of [Hippie's vaporizers] at vaporizing liquid."

Indeed, the cost is one of the fantastic things about this vape. Right now, the Hippie Bee Vaporizer is cheaper than ever. Originally sold for $39, you can purchase it now for $19.99.

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