Maga candidate for Nevada Secretary of State promises end gas taxes, even though that office has no control over gas taxes

A Big Lie garbage peddler named Jim Marchant promises to end gasoline taxes to trick Nevada voters into electing him as Nevada Secretary of State.

"END the Gas Tax and HELP local Nevadans out at the pump. VOTE for Jim Marchant in 2022 and get gas prices back down!" tweeted Marchant.

As Raw Story points out, Nevada Secretary of State can't do anything about gasoline tax prices. But they are responsible for overseeing elections in the state, making Marchant an especially dangerous choice.

Marchant is a Trumper conspiracy theorist who believes the 2020 election was stolen by a planetary cabal that manipulated voting machines. He is one of several loud-mouthed conspiracy enthusiasts nationwide running for offices that will be in charge of elections, the better to make sure that the next time Trump runs for president, his glorious victory will not be deprived merely because of some extraneous technicality like failing to have enough votes.

Lately Marchant has been barnstorming rural Nevada counties to tell them George Soros has secretly infiltrated their election systems so … Trump's huge victories in their counties in the last two presidential elections were illegitimate? Just kidding, that's not Marchant's "point." He's merely trying to discredit democracy any way he can because that's popular with Republicans and he wants to win an election while we still have them.

The real reason Marchant is running for Secretary of State is to help Trump steal the next election, which is why he's using a blatant lie to fool voters into supporting him. Gasoline tax prices are set by the state legislature, not the Secretary of State, so Marchant's promise to help reduce those taxes is a complete fraud.