Fact-check: "woke mob" did not remove the "dick vein" from Snickers bars

You'd be forgiven if you never noticed the similarities between the lumpy chocolate seam that tops off the Snickers candy bar, and the infamously throbbable dorsal vein that adorns the human penis. That being said, you would also be forgiven for being in middle school at some point and saying, "Hey, that candy bar looks like a dick!"

In the aftermath of the great "Sexy Green M&M" scandal of 2022, rumors began to spread that the Mars Company had also re-designed the Snickers bar to better fit with some imaginary set of "woke mob" standards. In doing so, the rumor goes, the company caved and removed the iconic "vein" from the candy bar, de-sexualizing the delicacy under pressure from the wrath of liberals. This rumor spread faster than the poop-like melting chocolate of a Snickers left in the sun spreads across your fingers, and soon caught the attention of long-standing fact-checking website, Snopes. The April 18, 2022 article "Did Snickers Remove a 'Dick Vein'?" dug into the issue at hand:

In April 2022, a piece of imposter content was published on iFunny.com. While this image appeared to show a news article headline reading "Snickers are officially caving and removing the world renowned dick vein from the candybar," this is not a screenshot of a genuine news article. This is just another joke about sexualized candy, woke mobs, and dick veins on Snickers bars. 

In short, Mars has not made any announcements about "deveining" Snickers bars. Furthermore, it doesn't appear anyone is actually calling for these changes. The vast majority of posts regarding the "dick vein" on a Snickers bar appear to be in jest.

Woof. Well, I'm glad that we resolved that burning question.

Did Snickers Remove a 'Dick Vein'? [Dan Evon / Snopes]

Image: Famartin / Wikimedia Commons (CC-BY-SA 4.0)