Watch: James Carville's assessment of the "weird" and "crazy" GOP is spot on

James Carville doesn't mince words when he pinpoints exactly what's wrong with the Q-infused GOP. He just cuts to the chase. "The problem is, they are a weird political party," the political commentator said on MSNBC.

And his solution? "They need to be branded as such. These 26 QAnon people … these are people who talk about testicle tanning. These are people who go to Hungary for conferences. These are not normal– By and large, a large part of the Republican Party is out-and-out weird," he said. "And when you have Moscow Mitch saying 'We need more sane people,' that means you've got a lot of really crazy people."

He then gives economist Peter Navarro, who worked under Trump, as an example of said crazy people: "That guy was a serious person in the White House! You're telling me he's a normal human being? No! And he's not even among the worst."