What it's like to visit a Chipotle in the Metaverse

The main reason that web3 services like the Metaverse and NFTs make the headlines is because there are just enough already-wealthy grifters who are really, really determined to trick the rest of us into enhancing their riches by monetizing the lamest parts of the internet. While this recent article from Business Insider about visiting Chipotle in the Metaverse stops just short of saying the same thing I just did, the author still can't help but admit that their experience was completely and utterly pointless. After detailing her Lord of the Rings-esque journey through the deocratively uneventful digital streets, writer Mary Meisenzahl ultimately concludes that:

After spending time exploring Chipotle's metaverse restaurants and playing all the available games, I didn't understand the appeal any more than I had before. The games were fun for a few minutes, though I don't think I'll go out of my way to play again. I don't really understand what Chipotle gets out of it, though, or why I as a customer should come back and play again.


Talking and thinking about burritos made me a bit hungry, but I didn't feel compelled to head to Chipotle after I logged out. Quick service restaurants like Chipotle, Wendy's, and others are popular in large part because of their convenience and relative affordability. Metaverse restaurants by their nature can't replicate these features, and I don't see them catching on with typical consumers any time soon.

This was not particularly surprising, but it was somewhat entertaining to Meisenzahl detail the experience step-by-step, just to demonstrate how utterly absurd this whole idea is.

I visited Chipotle in the metaverse to try and understand why restaurant chains are flocking to it, and the experience left me both baffled and hungry [Mary Meisenzahl / Business Insider]

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