Beloved criminal grifter Jim Bakker claims Christians are being shot to death in their pulpits

Recurring 1980s nightmare Jim Bakker makes a living fleecing gullible people with a predictable message of fearmongering, hate, lies, and false promises. He's a charlatan and a con artist who has been convicted of fraud and served time in prison, not to mention accused of sexual assault.

The former televangelist is currently the head of The Jim Bakker Show, a daily Christian talk show that's nothing more than a platform for Bakker to sell survivalist gear, quack nostrums, and other doomsday nonsense to suckers who believe his false prophecies about the end of the world.

On a recent episode of his infomercial, he told his cognitively challenged viewers that Christian pastors are being murdered in their pulpits.

"We're not going to be able to preach much longer because they'll shoot us in the pulpits," he said. "They will kill us in our pulpits. You don't believe me? They're already doing it."

As he spoke, a banner on the screen advertised "Three Overflowing with the Holy Spirit Books" for $65.