How to prevent your e-mails from being stolen, at a steal

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Cybercrime and all the forms it comes in can be scary, and while some hacks can be fun, for the most part, most are a nightmare. And when it comes to email, we should do everything that we can to keep ourselves safe. 

With email being a common vehicle of attack on your personal data and privacy, it's imperative you take your protective measures seriously. Unfortunately, it seems like there isn't much that you can do to protect yourself from detection and web crawlers. Fortunately, you can breathe a little easier with this Email Protection WordPress Plugin by Rainbow Inform.

With this plugin, you should have peace of mind knowing that only your intended recipients will be able to see your email. Some added benefits include ease of use — no coding or design skills are required — and installation only requires a few simple clicks. That being said, simplicity doesn't mean the developers skimped on customization. For example, users can personalize their fonts, size, and color options and upload their own custom fonts. Also, you can seamlessly insert protected emails into websites with created shortcodes.

Convenience is also at the top of this plugin's list of priorities. Setting it up is as simple as installing and activating the plugin and configuring settings so that protected email addresses are displayed however you desire. And if all of this protection is not enough, users can also install the plugin on an unlimited number of devices.

Your emails could contain vital personal data, so they're the last thing you want hackers to get their hands on. Email Protection WordPress Plugin: One Time Purchase is available right now for $9.99, a 73% markdown from its MSRP of $37.

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