The honest trailer for the Jackass series is here

Jackass serves a line of demarcation for the generations. Similar to the generational rift associated with the emergence of punk rock—which spawned several of the core tenets of the skater culture that inspired Jackass—you're typically against Johnny Knoxville's rowdy band of misfits if you were above the age of 16 when they hit the scene. Since Jackass debuted when I was 13 years old, my memories of the series are typically fonder than those of people who were already adults.

Despite how much I've matured since its debut, Jackass will forever be a wonderful guilty pleasure for me. However, I now possess the ability to laugh with, laugh at, and feel ashamed whenever I watch the newest outing from Dickhouse's group of crash dummy/clowns. Honest Trailers uses their trademark wit to rip into the Jackass franchise in the video linked above.